You met the love of your life the day you were born – it’s you!

Making positive connections with others is essential to a good quality of life, yet the relationship that requires top priority is the relationship you have with yourself. If you’ve ever flown on a plane, you know the drill: Place the oxygen mask on yourself before helping your fellow passengers. Loving yourself is the foundation to having a positive relationship with others.

Self-love is the practice of holding your own well-being and happiness in high regard. It is accepting who you are and loving yourself unconditionally.

Practicing self-love involves small actions that take only moments each day, but can have lasting effects. Here are five simple ways to practice self-love:

Speak kindly to yourself

Self-talk is the voice we use inside our own heads. When that voice is positive, it can start your day off right and help you feel good. When it is critical, it can send you on a daylong spiral of negativity. So, find and celebrate the positive. Tell yourself something that will make you smile or feel confident, like “I did a great job organizing that event,” or “I’m looking pretty fine today.”

Focus on gratitude

Practicing gratitude provides benefits ranging from a stronger immune system to a more outgoing social life. Being grateful helps us recognize the positive and appreciate where it came from, and that includes the good in ourselves. A simple and effective way to express gratitude is to keep a journal. Write three to five positive experiences a day – anything from hearing the sound of birds chirping in the morning to enjoying a perfectly ripe strawberry. Research shows this practice of journaling has lasting positive effects.

Nourish your body and mind

Caring for your body and mind with healthy eating, exercise and self-care not only brightens your physical appearance – others notice the energy you exude and want to be around you. Getting your body moving every day has tremendous benefits as well. You’ll physically feel better and your focus and creativity will also get a boost.

Be curious

Curiosity opens our minds to trying new experiences – it’s how we grow and learn. The feeling of accomplishment when achieving something we didn’t think we could do or that we were scared to try is powerful medicine. Seeking out new experiences and things are confidence boosters – you feel better about yourself for stretching beyond your everyday activities.

Honor priorities

First thing’s first: Don’t put off what you love. Do what is most important to you every day, the earlier the better so it doesn’t get bumped off your schedule. Whether it’s a long walk outside or eating breakfast with someone you care about, starting your day off with a choice that matters to you sets the tone for the rest of the day and gives you a sense of fulfillment. Things that conflict with your priorities are bound to come along; learning to say no can help you stay focused on your needs.

You are the person most vital to your own happiness. Every moment is a new opportunity to fall in love with yourself all over again.

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